i am the cold turkey asshole

Just one, I’m a few.

I don’t really know what this is… But yeah. Have a short thing.

Most people thought they were twins.

Because of that, they didn’t draw too much attention to themselves when they were out together. Nobody thought twice about the way Beth’s hand would casually graze Alison’s. Nobody except Alison. She was always thinking. Overthinking. Every time she would catch Beth’s gaze, she worried about what other people thought, worried they would think she was looking too long.

For the most part, Alison kept her arms crossed tightly around her chest. Occasionally, she would bring a hand up to frame her face, when she was nervous or flustered. Beth thought it was endearing.

It was only when they were alone that Alison’s walls would slowly come down. When it was just the two of them, Alison would smile more freely though never quite without fear of consequence.

Sometimes they would watch movies together curled up on the couch. After one too many glasses of wine, Alison would lean flush against Beth, resting her head on Beth’s shoulder while her hands traced absentminded patterns against a denim covered thigh. A mixture of incoherent mumbles and heavy breathing filled the space and it caused Beth a small, pained smile. Smiling wasn’t something she did often.

Before long, the mumbling would fade into the night and Beth would press a light kiss to the top of Alison’s head. A silent goodnight. They just stayed like that. Beth knew that she would be sore in the morning, but she didn’t make any move to readjust. She didn’t want to wake Alison.

It went on like that for weeks until it didn’t.

She thought that signing the contract would make things normal again. No. She hoped. Against logic, she hoped.

But somewhere along the way, “normal” stopped being the cookie cutter suburban housewife. Normal was late night chats. Normal was a day on the range. Normal was Beth.

Normal was gone.

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Phoebe + glasses

i think i spend too much time on the computer. it only takes about two minutes now for my hand to just start aching. the whole right side of my mouse hand just throbs. about ten more minutes for my index finger to join the party. jfc.

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she says up yours.

They think we’re lesbians. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even like looking at my own vagina.

And I bleed when I fall down
I’m only human
And I crash and I break down
Your words in my head, knives in my heart
You build me up and then I fall apart
‘Cause I’m only human

Track Title: 2x01 Nature Under Constraint and Vexed -- Episode 29

Artist: Tatiana Is Everyone: An Orphan Black Podcast

Album: Tatiana Is Everyone: An Orphan Black Podcast


2x01 Nature Under Constraint and Vexed — Episode 29

We share our first impressions of the second season premiere of Orphan Black, “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed.” Stephanie tries to keep an overly-excited Kris on topic.

In the premiere, Sarah is on the run and pursued by relentless adversaries. Kira is missing, and Sarah suspects that Rachel is responsible for her daughter’s disappearance so she plots a showdown. Meanwhile, Delphine tells Cosima to consider Leekie’s job offer, and Alison tries to move on with her life.

Sarah, Cosima, and Felix with Alison on vidchat

Share your thoughts about the Season 2 premiere and/or your thoughts about our thoughts about it by sending us an email or voice message or contacting us on Twitter @TIEpodcast.

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"I think… I’m not gonna reveal too much. I think she really made some really clear symbolic moves. I mean at the end of season 1 she just, you know, travels and goes on Cosima’s side. And I think for me that’s a true act of love and it’s a true act of solidarity and what not. And I think also in terms of season two you guys just saw, that she is at a huge DYAD party kissing her girl. For me this is pretty affirmative and I think that’s kinda cool of her. She is not making a huge parade out of it. She is just like, it is what it is.” - Evelyne Brochu [x]