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L o s t  G i r l

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Drunk in Love - Vintage Big Band / Swing Beyonce Cover ft. Cristina Gatti (by ScottBradleeLovesYa)

Evelyne Brochu stopped by the Clone Club Linecon at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema to hand out Helena snacks & meet OB fans before the premiere fan screening  x

ob au || beth being the hard ass older sister type [based off x]

honestly, the best part of getting someone new to watch orphan black is the awesome play by play that just assaults your phone every time something crazy happens, (which is all of the time, obviously.)


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"everything that i do is for you."
"i chose you. and you broke my heart."

"If you loved me, why’d you leave me?"

"If you loved me, why’d you leave me?"

Évelyne Brochu, Graeme Manson, Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy and John Fawcett attend the ‘Orphan Black’ premiere at Sunshine Cinema on April 17, 2014

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